Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Short Wednesday run

Ugh, very tired when I got home, which was later than I expected - I had to talk myself into going out at all.

(I have grown thoroughly acclimated to the cold, in fact I like it being in the mid-20s, but I had hoped to squeeze it in before dark, which proved a fantastically unlikely notion!)

It became clear to me, though, that I was so tired that I could do nothing else but lie on the couch and that it would be better to have a short run than to while away an hour doing nothing at all!

I have a 7pm appointment, that was the other constraint, and thus had no hope of fitting in the 8 miles on my schedule (shortage of vim and vigor as well as time), so I just did 3.5: over to Central Park, round the upper loop once and then home).

I feel slightly better now - will pop in the shower and get dressed in real clothes again and head back out.

NB it was the first spin for the new pair of fancy-pants tights I've ordered, they are very warm and good - in fact the description sort of makes you feel like they'd do the running for you if only you'd let 'em!

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Wendy said...

Hmm. They might even be good for ECT activities!