Saturday, January 10, 2009

Saturday run

5 warm but easy miles, very relaxing (the number is possibly mildly inflated, but I would prefer not to contemplate the likelihood of this just now!).

I didn't go quite as far as we usually do on this route - there is a first bit where it turns into more of a shoulder than a sidewalk and I have a natural impulse to turn back there - I'm not crazy about running that close to traffic, even though it is perfectly safe - and I figured that after the rather stressful run the other night, I had earned an easy one - I followed the impulse!

(That run, too, is entirely safe - really, mom! - and we were wearing reflective strips and blinky lights and things, but the last few miles are in the dark and on sidewalk or very narrow shoulder right next to fast traffic coming from behind - not good for the Triaspirational nerves...)

Also nerve-racking: got an e-mail from the Antarctica folks reminding us that there really are only seven weeks of training left! Hmmm - I will have to count on general fitness to get me through - I am incredibly looking forward to it, I must confess - it is hard to say - I have not really been tested, I am not an outdoorsy type! - but I am much better suited to the windy blustery snowy sort of conditions than to the warm ones (esp. warm ones involving bicycles), it seems much less daunting than either of my triathlons this past year.

Mantra for times of Antarctica-related-worry: BUT I DO NOT HAVE TO RIDE A BICYCLE!

5 miles


Wendy said...

Well done.

ShirleyPerly said...

You are funny! I can't imagine doing that Antarctic marathon because of the cold. You would love it here in Minnesota. It was 8 degrees when I ventured outside to get some dinner. Luckily, there is a restaurant next door so my walking time was less than 5 minutes!