Wednesday, May 25, 2016


Mostly today I was having that annoying feeling of "The semester is over, why am I still dealing with the semester and also the misc. life stuff that got put off till I had more time?" (Best glimpse of future was a quick stop at the library to pick up two requests and do a quick shelf pickup of some things I need for a piece I'm writing in June.) The weather got ridiculously nice today, it's almost too warm (but low humidity), and it was certainly the first "summer-feeling" day I have had. I rode my sedate bicycle to Chelsea Piers, did just the first hour of masters swim (this was deliberate, don't want to overdo it - but also I'd said I'd meet Mimi in park cafe uptown at 8:30, and I needed that time to get back uptown). So, nice swim, nice meetup with friend and food and drink at what was formerly known as the Hudson Beach Cafe, bike ride in the world - authentic run-bike-swim day!

10mi RT bike
1hr swim as follows:

400 free warmup (400)

3 x (2 x 100 as 25 free, 25 back, 25 breast, 25 free [I did some fly drill instead of breast as set progressed], 3 x 50 as 25 fly, 25 free [again, I enjoy the intensity for a while but probably did fly drill for the last couple of the final set) (1050)

I was in the slow lane with 2 faster swimmers, so I had to modify the next bit - set was given as 4 x (2 x 125 easy, 2 x 75 moderate, 2 x 25 hard), with first set just paddles, second set paddles and buoy, etc. etc. I turned the 125s into 75s as I had really not had enough rest on the first warmup set and also missed the second pair of 75s due to CHAT with coach! And the clock was then at 7:30 so I decided I should call it - was having marked foot cramp just as I got out and suspect there would have been more of that sort of thing if I'd stayed in (also, that was quite enough paddle work for my shoulders). So,

2 x 75 easy
2 x 75 moderate
2 x 25 hard (350)

paddles & pull buoy:
2 x 75 easy
2 x 25 hard (200)

2000 yards total - that sounds right. Going to go to noon swim tomorrow also - J. is out of town, a substitute will supervise a conditioning workout for our powerlifting team but I don't need to save my legs for squats!

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