Thursday, May 5, 2016


Josh was happier than I was with this workout - I think the trouble is that my numbers are so out of whack with what I can do on the other lifts that I have a hard time appreciating even these possibly substantive improvements on form. Certainly the last couple weeks seem to have gone more smoothly, squat-wise - I think I should try and have a one-on-one squat session with Josh every month or so, and Intern Brad spotted me very happily today so I didn't have to worry! Just grumpy I guess that I am not lifting much more than this - i.e. how can I be squatting only as much as I bench?!?!? Anyway -

4 x 4 @ 110

6 x 2 @ 85

lunges 6 x 2 w/ 12.5s

100 abs with band (should have been 200 but I had to get myself off downtown to ladies' dinner!)

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