Tuesday, May 31, 2016

Grumpy run, grumpy day

I am not making a happy transition to summer/sabbatical! It has been TOO DARN HOT, and today was classic early summer FAIL. Didn't get up early enough to run before de-clutterer arrived at 10 for 4hr session. (Well, I just about had enough time, but since de-cluttering is weirdly mentally exhausting I decided to spend it eating breakfast and reading things on the internet.) We had a productive session, I took about 6 big bags of books to the guy who sells books in front of Milano Market and we got the living room into about 100 times better shape. But it was all very hot and sweaty work, and I felt utterly miserable afterwards - too hot and tired to do anything, and utterly unmotivated for ambitious exercise plans. Went to hardware store and ordered 2 massive air-conditioners - a more powerful one to replace the inadequate on in my bedroom, and a big one for the living room, which I have never cooled before but which I feel may improve my quality of life (my fantasy - central air! - but it is not to be, not at least while I live in this apartment!). Scaled back exercise plans and finally just lay in bed dozing and feeling utterly miserable. (In the meantime I am in running clothes and haven't showered yet, with patches of heat rash on insides of elbows, under chin, etc. etc.)

Anyway I did finally get out for half an hour easy run, made me feel a lot better and have further self-castigation for not having done it earlier, OR any work. Sweetgreen FAIL - I had ordered salads online to pick up after, but they had run out of an ingredient and I waited grumpily and warmly and itchily for 15 minutes past the time they were supposed to be ready before it turned out nothing had been made. Requested a refund and came home re-grumped! Anyway, I promise myself that tomorrow will be a better day!

:30 easy

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