Monday, May 9, 2016


No weekend exercise - I flew early Saturday and there was just no opportunity, and Sunday was my nice day at home with B. (also had to write up my reports from Friday meeting), it didn't make sense to prioritize. It was then utterly beyond me to get myself out of bed early enough to run before the sun comes up (I've basically been getting up at 8:30 absolute earliest but often more like 10:30!), so I did a good one on the treadmill at the gym just now instead. When I'm only here for a few days, it's hardly worth worrying about converting schedule to early & acclimating to heat and humidity....

:40 as :10 easy warmup, 5 x (1:00 @ 6.0mph, 1:00 walking recovery), 5 x (:40 @ 7.0mph, 1:00 wr), 5 x (:40 @ 8mph, 1:00wr)

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