Monday, May 23, 2016

Low day

Ugh, just a day of huge mood swings - I had a couple urgent work things I still needed to do, and a couple meetings on campus, felt tired and a little overwhelmed but also elated when I finished final TRAC report. We were testing today in powerlifting and I really hoped I'd do well after a weekend off from exercise, but of course it was a VERY TIRING WEEKEND in Ottawa helping B.'s mother with things and I really faded after we did the first lift. Also it's just very chaotic these days, with a ton of people and too many things going on - this is probably more like what a meet will be like, so not bad to get the sense of those conditions, but not conducive today to me performing as well as I'd hoped. Anyway, as they say, IT IS WHAT IT IS.

DL: 255, 275 - hitched it up the last bit of the way at 275, but I'd lost my arch and it pretty certainly would have been a DQ, so it is only a starred PR

bench: pretty poor I felt! Got it up at 120 but with a distracting lift-off, didn't quite make it up at 130 (lost mental focus).

Decided to cut it at that rather than staying and doing a bad job with squats - I'll test that one-on-one with Josh sometime soon to see where I am. It was already 6:30, the place was in chaos and I had a strong feeling of wanting to cry!

Am feeling pretty much the same now, although I took a cab home and have eaten some chili - going to get in shower and take a novel to bed after writing a few more emails. I have been running myself pretty hard on work and life stuff, it's not surprising I should be feeling so low.

(But also - I really don't think I will compete in a meet this year. I just registered for one in September, although I'm not sure you are really allowed to compete in it without qualifying, but J. wants us if we're competing to cut out all other exercise for that ten-week cycle, and that's just not something I can do!)

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