Thursday, May 19, 2016

Double header!

Not a very exciting one, but I felt good (hungry!) afterwards. Wouldn't usually run to the gym on a Thursday, as it's squat day, but taper week means nothing is as it usually is and I won't have much chance to run this weekend in Ottawa so I figured I'd do a longer one while the going was good. It was slightly horrible - my back was just INCREDIBLY tight, not agonizing/painful but just getting more and more sore and tight the longer I ran/shuffled. Tendonitis also rather sore though nothing in comparison with the back. But our powerlifting session was devoted exclusively to mobility work and stretching, so it all felt much better after the second hour!

c. 1:08 shuffle
1hr mobility (lunges, hip flexor stretch, foam roll, abs - did 7 x :30 plank, :30 recovery)

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