Sunday, May 29, 2016

Short run

I am just a little annoyed with myself as I feel that if I'd handled things slightly differently, I could have had a very nice long run after all - it's lower humidity than yesterday, though still pretty warm. But I was so wildly overheated almost all day yesterday, and only got home after 11 from Philadelphia - the AC unit in my BR is not really working properly (it was always borderline too small for that room and I think I've just used it past its limits for too long), and it didn't occur to me to turn on AC in office as I sat and ate breakfast and read things at the computer. So by the time I finally got my act together to get out, it was peak sunshine and I was already so hot and tired I felt as though I could burst into tears at the least provocation! And I also want to go to masters swim later, so there was another reason not to blow it all on an overwhelming hot one. (As I say, really once I was out I didn't think it was that bad, but I'd already mentally made the call.)

So, just :30 easy in "my" bit of the park and I will do my longer one in Central Park tomorrow.

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