Tuesday, May 24, 2016


I slept really badly last night - couldn't understand it at the time as I felt exhausted but of course in retrospect it's the way the heavy lifts jack up your central nervous system. Anyway I felt slightly awful again today - didn't get up early enough to run before organizer lady arrived for ongoing project of getting my apartment down to minimalist splendor, then huddled in bed briefly and thought about actually not going to powerlifting before realizing that this would not help the situation! By that point it was late enough I had to take a cab, it sort of just has been one of those days.

Workout was the inevitable circuit stuff which we do for conditioning when we are recovering from heavy lifting, it was fine and I finished it in about forty minutes which was good as I still hadn't done my run and was keen to make sure it happened.

(Original plan for the day: run in am, lift, masters swim, but when I am feeling so absolutely dreary and full of despair it is not actually a good idea to overdo it on exercise, although it sometimes SEEMS like a good idea at the time! I have grown older and wiser....)

Today was first day of "100 in 100" - 100 runs in 100 days! Not a streak as such, as there are days (usually involving airports/travel) where it genuinely doesn't make sense, but that means I will have to start doubling up! Actually just writing that brought a smile to my face, I guess I do feel a bit better now that I exercised. (Am going to spend evening reading a novel in bed.)

(1) :40 circuit

7 x
(a) 10 ring rows
(b) 5 pushups
(c) 20 abs (band)
(d) 10 curls with band
(e) ? (possibly we only went through (f)!)
(f) 10 medicine ball slams
(g) 20 abs (sit-ups)

(2) :30 jog

(3) :50 walk (rest of the way home)

I want to start using that trip home for actual exercise - unfortunately I am fairly sure that riding my commuter bike makes my knees sore, so maybe doing this kind of a run-walk split will be the way to go? Only works if you're not carrying too much stuff - don't mind it with a small pack but it stops being a sensible thing to do if you are, say, carrying a laptop and another set of clothes!

2 hours total exercise, hoping to hit that six days a week for the summer months?

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