Thursday, May 26, 2016

Run-bike-swim extravaganza!

It is HOT outside though! And Fleet Week is messing up the bike commute from here to Chelsea Piers - but it was glorious! Not going to go back to the gym for powerlifting as Josh is away, a substitute will cover but we're only doing conditioning and I really did enough of that already today.

Run: :45 as :20 easy then 6 x 1:00 hill, recovery, :10 easy

Quick breakfast at home then took bike to Chelsea Piers (10mi total). Was a little late getting there due to aforementioned Fleet Week issues (a stretch of at least a quarter of a mile where you had to dismount and walk the bike).

Masters swim! Nice day to be in cool water. I need to swim more, I am currently too slow for most slow lanes! I'm fine on the IM but really fall behind on freestyle esp. once it has modifications (evil pull buoy).

Warmup: 2 x 50 kick, 100 free (300)

10 x 100 basically three sets of descending with pull buoy and paddles - I ditched both after the first couple hundreds, shoulders feeling effects of too much paddle work last night but also the pull buoy horribly slows me down! I think I probably did four of the 10 as the whole hundred and otherwise just swam 50s. Call it 700 total. (700)

100 easy recovery (100)

3 x (100 IM kick streamline on back, 25 fly, 50 back-breast, 25 free) (600)

100 swim down (100)

1800 yards total

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