Tuesday, May 10, 2016


This is a funny short trip (Saturday to Thursday - I can't miss a Friday meeting, we're almost but not quite done for the year and have final full meeting on the 20th with secret slot reserved [hope we won't need it] for the 27th). And that made it really not realistic to have my usual "spa week" priorities. That said, yoga this morning was GLORIOUS - yoga is the crucial component of spa week!!! I really need to figure out how to add both swimming and yoga to my regular NYC schedule - I like them both so much....

(Toying with idea of masters swim this evening, as B. has a triathlon committee meeting, but I should probably quit while I'm ahead - always tempting to overdo it once the schedule opens up, really I should just make sure to get up in time to do a longer run tomorrow. Josh just sent the week's lifting work, got to see how where and how I can fit that in! It is a bit of a conundrum, hmmmm.... or maybe I just get started on it this afternoon/evening and forget the idea of swimming - various possibilities....)

1hr flow yoga

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