Friday, May 30, 2008

Friday run

5.5 miles easy

I did not run yesterday due to a combination of existential despair, sore muscles and a tight deadline. The muscles and the deadline could have been worked around, but the moral gloom was difficult to shake...

My favorite sight today in Riverside Park: a handsome and highly athletic-looking dog, not a boxer but in that sort of universe of canines (larger, fawn coat with black markings on a very square and solid-looking head), just bounding over the dog-run fence after a ball, seizing it in his jaws and then flipping himself right back over the fence into the dog run. Those fences are there as a token only, a lot of dogs are well capable of throwing themselves up and over!


Unknown said...

And I'm sure the dogs love the leaping!

ED is a horrible state to find oneself in. Hopefully it will dissipate quickly!

Laura said...

That dog run story is hilarious! Wish I had seen it.