Wednesday, May 28, 2008

Wednesday gym

Went to the first meeting of this summer body sculpt class at the Columbia gym. It was a substitute instructor today, not at all bad--but really that class is a bit easy! However it will get me to do some regular stretching, that's beneficial, and I think it fits fairly sensibly into the schedule... also it is absurdly affordable!

(Today it was just as well that it was easy, since there were several muscle groups that were very sore from yesterday's workout! I always do some serious abs work with M., those muscles were all feeling it when I tried to do even pretty easy things today; and we also had some particularly evil side lunge things yesterday, we only did 2 x 12 on each side but they were fairly dramatic in their after-effects...)

(Schedule constraints meant that I'm seeing M. on Tuesday rather than Monday this week and next--after that it should be that we can get it spaced out as M-W. Just for this week and the next two, I'm going to this boot-camp conditioning class on Friday afternoon also, I'm curious to see if it will be any good. Report will follow...)


Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Those gym weight lifting classes (like body sculpt) are always a toss up. At least since it is at a university, it is targeted towards younger people. Let me tell you - showing up to one of those type of classes in the middle of the day at my (non-campus) gym makes you feel like stepped into a geriatric ward and the class is usually too easy (not that there aren't some older people who can and do kick my butt).

Unknown said...

Regular stretching is a very good thing -- and absurdly affordable is possibly even better!