Saturday, May 3, 2008

Saturday swim

I had a minor revelation as I finished the warmup and thought about getting started on a long endurance set of the 4 x 500 type. I did enough long and mentally understimulating medium-effort exercise today already! So I did a slightly modified version of the main set.

(Lots of time to think about swimming stuff while swimming, but I will not trot it all out here...)

Warmup: 200 free breathing 2, 3 (by 100); 100 back drill; 200 free breathing 3, 4 (by 100); 100 back; 200 free breathing 4, 5 (by 100)

"Super 500" free - my version modified to go by drill rather than speed, with :40 for each 25 to give lots of rest time: 25-25-50 (drill-drill-swim); 25-75 (drill-swim); 50-50 (drill-swim); 75-25 (drill-swim); 50-25-25 (drill-swim-swim). Mostly catch-up...

10 x 25 (5 fly, 5 back) on :40

2 x 100 IM

10 x 25 (5 breast, 5 free) on :40

2 x 100 free on 2:00

Still ten minutes left, but I decided it was a good time to stop--brunch was a long time ago and slightly tiny, it was time to eat again!

Total: a thoroughly respectable but not excessive 2200 yards

Thunderstorms in the forecast for tomorrow morning. If the weather's really awful during the day, I'll do an indoor bike in the evening and then do the long one outside on Monday, which looks like it might be more clement. This is partly procrastination and partly common sense...


Unknown said...

Respectable and not excessive is good!

Tracy said...

"But I will not trot it all out here..." Great, great line. And a very respectable workout!

Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

Isn't it great when common sense aids in our procrastination?