Thursday, May 1, 2008

Wednesday run

Hmmm, it is possible for once in my life I might actually be too tired to blog--bodes well for notional sleep?

Missed out on biking earlier, it was just not fit-in-able. I was sorry, but I was not remorseful, because it seemed a clear verdict of common sense. Went to run with a friend at 4, only after 10 minutes of waiting I figured I had better set out on my own--tight timing at other end. 5.16 miles (same run I always do, funny how minor .3-.4 comes out differently with local tweaking!), avg HR 155, 9:40 pace.

First couple miles not great (not running-specific awfulness, just general feeling of physical awfulness, allergies and sleeplessness!), only then the usual thing kicked in, v. enjoyable for last couple. I was running pretty hard, the couple miles at the end were rather faster--I cannot say I am feeling particularly fast these days as a runner, I need to do some speedwork in June to remedy that, but I am certainly feeling fairly strong. Like I can run a lot further at the same speed, comfortably, than I used to be able to.

(Secretly in my heart of hearts I believe that if I do everything the same way, I will only remain the same rather than improving, so I am always favorably surprised when steady consistency leads to moderate improvement!)

Furthermore: Decoupling. (Courtesy of Bigun.) I am thinking I should do this run on Saturday at 155 HR and check out my mile splits to see how I am doing on running-specific base-building...

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Danielle in Iowa in Ireland said...

My fastest 5k was after marathon training, with no specific speed work. Thank God I don't need to do speed work to get faster, or I would stay the same pace forever and ever!