Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Tuesday swim

It was a good one. It was interesting--I concentrated on all the stuff from yesterday, doing as best I could to reproduce that drill sequence instead of doing the couple main sets. I did all the freestyle with bilateral breathing, and strange to say it did not feel that bad. I really notice improvement in a couple areas when I concentrate on a drill set like this.

(It is possibly due to J.B.'s guru-like qualities, but he has kind of persuaded me not just that in general my stroke would be more balanced if I switched to bilateral breathing, but that in particular, even though the race is so soon, I might benefit from doing the first part of the swim breathing this way and then switch over if I'm not feeling comfortable to my usual breathe-every-four-on-the-right. It seems persuasive to me that some advantages of smoothness and rhythm might come from trying it this way. We will see...might be I altogether forget this plan in the heat of the moment?!?)

Warmup: 700 as 4 x (125 free + 50 kick-swim in IM order)

Drill set: roughly the sequence from yesterday, concentrating on body rotation and position in the water. Maybe 500 total.

Then I did an abbreviated version of the first main set: 8 x 75 free, descending by pairs (smooth, harder, faster, fastest, only not really going all out even at the end), on 1:45, 1:45, 1:40, 1:35. Not bad, stroke felt good, very enjoyable and not too slow either (though it was all I could do to keep track of the pace clock, I could not tell you times...).

1800 yards total

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Unknown said...

Nice! I am trying to find the motivation to go for a swim now, but it is doubtful ...