Tuesday, May 13, 2008

Tuesday run-swim

0.5hr very easy run (zone 1/2), 1800 yards swim.

Trying to take it easy this week and have something approximating a taper...

Warmup: 4 x (150 free, 50 back drill for first two and backstroke for second two)

Then 4 x 250 free as follows:

1st drill-swim by 50, 6-3-6
2nd drill-swim by 50, catch-up
3rd drill-swim by 50, left-right-fist
4th swim

Those lessons with J.B. were remarkably beneficial, I am feeling things quite differently--in reality probably I have just introduced some new problems while retaining the old ones in some partially mitigated form, but from the inside I have what is at the very least a happy delusion that there was a dramatic improvement...

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