Tuesday, October 2, 2012


I couldn't resist signing up for this class at the Columbia gym! Haven't had a CU gym membership for a long time - it's not expensive, but it's also inadequate, and Chelsea Piers plus TNYA swim meant it was no longer worth braving for the horrendously crowded evening lap swim hours. But I got a membership for the semester because the Columbia Triathlon Club was offering guaranteed entry to the NYC Tri next summer if you were a dues-paying member of the club, and club membership also entails gym membership - anyway, I'm determined to improve my punching competency so that I can enjoy the Combat Fitness class as much as the Commando Fitness class at the Boot Camp Cayman gym. I've never done any of the boxing classes at Chelsea Piers, but they've got a lot of good options there too, and I'm thinking that I will switch over to that for my non-triathlon non-yoga workouts after the Tough Mudder race is done - I like the Beast class very much, but it is not realistic for me to get downtown for 7am!

1hr demanding jumprope, abs, punching


Becca said...

You're doing Tough Mudder?!

city said...

thanks for posting..