Thursday, October 11, 2012


Down with a cold for last couple days, but very much a more minor one than I have traditionally suffered, with no lung involvement to speak of. I credit the fact that I've been getting allergy shots once a week since the spring - it's made an enormous difference, and I wish I'd done it sooner. (The five high-priority allergens I'm getting stuck up with: spring pollens, fall pollens including ragweed, dust mites, cockroaches and CAT!) Had a good Skype workout with Lauren; I picked one from the sweat-proof volume that included short high-intensity power intervals rather than the longer kind that put more strain on the lungs. Still bummed out at missing such perfect running weather today and at not being able to have the build week I had intended, but that's OK, really I'm lucky it wasn't worse (particularly happy that I ran on Tuesday before realizing I was getting sick!). Felt very good to warm up the body and break a sweat!

50min spin: 3 x (5 x :15 all out, 1:45 RI, with 5:00 set rest)

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