Monday, October 29, 2012


Just a short one - weather hasn't yet gotten really crazy, but parks are shut down - I ran down my bit of Riverside but couldn't get down to the water (access had just been closed), then ran over to Central Park which is also shut off. Happy to observe city protocol re: storm safety! Ran along north outside edge of park, but it is currently stinkified with large crop of vomitous gingkos, so I turned around at the NE corner of the park and ran home. Have obtained dollars from cash machine and food I would actually want to eat if the power was out for 24 hrs. (I am always covered in the way of ancient cans of tuna and Progresso soup, some Clif builder's bars long past their sell-by date, etc., but fresher and tastier Clif bars are good, fruit, individual prepared pasta helpings that would be fine at room temperature for a while, a modest amount of chocolate). Campus now closed for tomorrow as well as today, so it is shaping up to be a very strange week - I'm hoping storm damage isn't too severe and that I can get my flight out of town early Thursday morning.

:42 run (c. 4 miles)

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