Friday, August 9, 2013

Hot yoga!

It is partly a function of the way that I've scheduled training blocks and recovery weeks this summer - I'm traveling for significantly more races than I usually do - but I was basically just flattened with fatigue this week! Getting ready to leave town for a spell in Cayman is always minorly complex (nothing too challenging in itself, but it's the combination of setting up catsitting, refilling prescriptions, drycleaning an item of clothing for travel, getting library stuff I need for work, etc. etc.), and it was pretty clear to me that there was little point doing any exercise, my body was not going to absorb it. Didn't really sleep Wednesday night due to early departure Thursday, and took a sleeping pill last night to make sure I got a long night of sleep. That may have impacted yoga - I felt acutely queasy during a couple stretches of the standing series - but it was a very good class, I am extremely happy to be back at it! I'll do double spin tomorrow morning and pick back up again with a long ride on Sunday.

1.25hr yoga

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