Sunday, August 11, 2013

Long ride #10

That was extremely hard! I came in around fifteen minutes short - I was shooting for 5.5hr, but I just didn't have it in me to go any longer. (Not muscular fatigue primarily, just very sore hands - from death-grip - and sore toes on right foot. And mental fatigue from the effects of cycling for a long time.)

Note to self: ride some stints in aero-bars in first couple hours, because if you leave it till your hands are killing you and you've been on the bike for more like 4hr, you won't be able to persuade yourself it's a good idea, sore hands notwithstanding!

I will need to strategize in order to get the full six hours done next Sunday: HR cap for first half of ride, more calories will both help, but I think these long ones really are just hard to get done if you are not one of life's natural cyclists. It was overcast for the first few hours, which was helpful, but grew increasingly warm as the morning progressed. It was incredibly windy - the first stretch of the East End loop, you're riding pretty much straight into the wind, it's slightly overwhelming (but a good workout). On the other hand, at other points, you're flying.

Other note to self: Jerome's voice is now added to Joanna's. Keep heels down! Jerome said he thought it was more acute as a problem on the right-hand side - you lose power if you're not using your calves - but I think this also may be the root of why the right toes get sore and the left ones don't. The two big mental cues for next week: heels down; ride in the big ring. (Which I did today, and it's definitely good.)

Casualties: one soldier crab. Saw an amazing flock of Cayman parrots, then then a bit later on one almost flew straight into me! Also saw a woodpecker on a pole behind the Frank Sound gas station, but could not tell you what species it was.

The Garmin didn't come on properly till about ten minutes into my ride, so add 10min and appropriate miles to total.

5:06 (+ unlogged :10), 86.70mi (17mph, that's not at all bad), avg HR 140, max HR 153

Total hours for this week (recovery week): 8:16. Two more big weeks, and then I will be tapering....

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