Monday, August 11, 2014

Long indoor ride!

I ate something Friday night that led to minor but nevertheless very unpleasant food poisoning - Saturday I was still just feeling pretty feeble and reclined on the couch, Sunday mostly better but still with a stomachache that persuaded me riding outside would be a terrible idea and riding indoors perhaps not much better. However today I think I am back to normal and I got over to World Gym, not very expeditiously, for a nice long session on my own in the spin studio. Air-conditioning was particularly good today - that plus no traffic makes it really more enjoyable than riding outdoors here!

Work as follows (mostly Friel z2-3):

(1) 6 x 2min cadence seated 100-105, 1min recovery; 6 x 3min standing medium gear, 1min recovery.
(2) 2 x 15min alternating 1min seated, 1min standing.
(3) 2 x (3 x :30 sprint, :30 recovery), 2 x (6 x 1min sprint, 1min recovery).

Really I should do an additional set for parts 2 and 3; as it was, I was kind of just DONE at the 2.5hr mark. Wanted to get in the full three hours, so spent 20min clinging to bottom of zone 2 (legs wanted to slow down - switched between some standing bits to raise HR in higher gear and seated high-cadence), 10min zone 1 cooldown.

3hr total!

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