Sunday, August 17, 2014


Even a good one is slightly gruesome in parts, but really it was mostly enjoyable. I had the wind more at my back than when I rode two weeks ago; rode almost two counter-clockwise East End loops, but turned back at the last (if I had realized how hard it was then going to be riding clockwise for a long time into a brutal headwind, I would not have done it that way!) so that I wouldn't be tempted to stop when I reached the rendezvous early.

(B. was due to pick me up at 11:15 - I left the condo at 6am - it is a LONG TIME!)

Managed foot discomfort better (it's the mashing you do when you're riding into the wind - but I concentrated as much as I could on smooth pedal stroke, pulling up, etc., and there were only a couple stretches where it was really agonizing).

2 rest stops - could have used a third, will ponder that for next week.

(Forgot to turn off Garmin at second stop so total time is approximate.)

Wore B.'s helmet instead of my old red one, which gives me painful Maleficent-style horns on my forehead (horns a-la Joe Hill!). Much better. Can't do much about wind and excessive heat, but of course riding into the wind is a very good workout....

c. 4.5hr, 67.3mi

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