Wednesday, August 6, 2014

Long run!

I was super-grumpy heading out for this one, but bad mood cannot survive in face of a run that was 75% pretty enjoyable and only about 25% gruesome towards the end!

Sun comes up around 6 and by 6:30 it's MARKEDLY hotter, so I gritted my teeth and set alarm for 4:30, much better to do it 4:45-6:45 than any later and really I cannot do it on the treadmill, that's hot too and just pure horrible! I went to bed around 11, fell asleep easily but unfortunately woke up hard around 3 and could not go back to sleep. In retrospect should have just got up and run then instead of tossing and turning. Got up shortly before alarm was due to go off. Grumpily read on my phone that it was 85F and 95% relative humidity. ARGHHHHH!

However really it was nice once I got going. I did 4:1 up until about the 1.5hr mark, at which point I switched to 3:1 to try and keep myself in the game. Had 2L of water in hydration pack, it was gone by 1:20 - I need a better strategy for replenishing, that had a lot to do with why the last part became such a slog. Also and relatedly around the time water runs out my pants are so waterlogged with sweat that they're starting to fall down! (It is really gruesome - not just forearms but upper arms are beaded with sweat even at a slow jog, there is virtually no evaporation whatsoever!)

c. 2hr, c. nearly 9mi: 4:1 walk-run for first 1.5hr, then 3:1

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