Thursday, December 13, 2018


Yesterday was just walking and stretching. Today was kinda perfect - great talk last night and workshop today at the Institute, plus a really (anomalously!) delicious lunch beforehand. 75 mins in the am as 2:1 jog-walk and a very good 90 minutes hot yin yang class with Dominique just now as well. I think I figured out my optimal yoga schedule, though I won't be able to have it till January:

Monday: 6:45-8:15 back therapy yoga with Delphine
Tuesday: 5-6:30 hot hatha with Robin
Wednesday: off day
Thursday: 7-8:30 hot yin yang with Dominique
Friday: off day
Saturday: either 3-4:30 hot hatha with Robin or 7-8 Bikram in 60 mins
Sunday: 3-4:30 hot yin yang with Dominique

My housecleaner has been coming on Wednesday at 4 which in conjunction with frequent 7pm Wednesday events at the Institute has meant it doesn't make sense to try for yoga, but her schedule has changed and she's actually handed me off to her sister, who is the concierge in the building - this means that I can drop the extra key with her in the morning (or early afternoon as the case may be!) and then she can leave it for me in the apartment when she's done, it may actually be a bit more convenient.... really tomorrow I don't have anything in the evening and could do 5pm Bikram, but I still slightly avoid the full 90-minute Bikram class, too hot for too long....

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