Thursday, December 20, 2018


Wed.: 1hr as 2:1 jog walk, very nice. Had hoped to do evening yoga, but my R achilles was a bit dead/sore and I thought it would pretty certainly be smarter NOT to go and spend a lot of time standing on one leg (my only option was a full Bikram class).

Thurs.: :40 as 1:1, also nice. Dreading travel complexities, but really a week from today I'll be with Brent in Cayman, just need to make it through the next seven days and all is easy again! Worked like crazy at the office and by dint of cutting a few corners on big important job #1 and leaving smalll job #2 to do in Cayman (no biggie, though it would have been nice of course to do it before I left...), I did make it in the nick of time to Dominique's 7pm hot yin yang yoga. Which was very good and very hot.

Now need to do laundry, start packing, generally get my head around the fact of tomorrow's early departure...

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