Tuesday, November 19, 2019

Monday-Tuesday catch-up

Monday: 40 as 1:1 after an early stint of writing and before my "real" day got started. I was phenomenally tired later in the day, but it was a good one on balance.

Tuesday: SWIM DAY! So nice. Not very happy with the fact that I'll only swim once a week this week and next, gonna sit down and have some serious thought about how to organize things better next semester, but no point self-castigating right now. (And the first two weeks of December should go better from a swim POV, I may even be able to swim 3x week.)

Warmup: 5 x 100 as (1) swim (2) flutter kick with board (3) drill-swim by 25 (thumbs and salute) (4) whip kick with board (5) drill=swim by 25 (finger-drag) (500)
Main set: freestyle (moderate) ladder as 25-50-75-100-75-50-25 on 10-15 seconds rest (400); 12 x 25 freestyle (strong) on :50 (300)
100 breast drill-swim by 50, 100 IM, 50 easy swim down (250) (1450 yards total)

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