Monday, November 4, 2019


This will be a bit of a recovery day, the weekend was way busy! I have a HUGE pile of work to get through but pretty much all reading so that's relaxing, relatively speaking. Done as written: 40 as 1:! with 10 mins moderate in the middle. Very happy about the results of these 3 days in a row of pummeling (Friday was 1.5hr massage with Heidi focusing on my true trouble areas, lower back, glutes, hips, calves to a lesser extent; Saturday fascial flow was levator/serratus; Sunday was, extremely beneficially, quads and hamstrings). Certainly can feel tension in R spinal erector during the longer interval, but well short of wanting to stretch it out, and the left one is fine until minutes 7-8 when I start to feel a little tension - but much less than I've had these last couple weeks as I get back into it.

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