Friday, November 15, 2019

Thursday-Friday catch-up

Thursday: I was sorry I couldn't swim as well as run, but it was a great run. Beautiful day, upper 30s and sunny and mild. 75 minutes with 3 x 8min steady, 2min walking recovery in the middle.

Friday: SWIM!!!! FINALLY! Hmmm, what was it now?....

200 kick on back
200 whip kick with board
8 x 75 kick-drill-swim by 25 (2 of each stroke in IM order)

3 x 100 on 3:00 (was going to do more of these but ran out of time), first and third easy IM second harder free
50 easy swim down

1350 yards total

I am so hungry for more swimming (and for YOGA!) but these next two weeks are impossible, maybe December will go better for me....

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