Saturday, September 13, 2008

Blissful Saturday swim

That's the best pool workout I've had forever - I can't remember the last time I worked that hard in a pool. Altogether blissful!

There seems to be still some uncertainty about whether the TNYA - Columbia arrangement is going to be a permanent fixture, but it will certainly be running for the next couple months and I thought it was great - a really welcoming and suitable group.

I regret to observe that for today, I was in the slow lane, splitting it with one much slower swimmer - as always, I peered over at the rather crowded next lane over & thought that my actual swim speeds are fairly close but that I lose time on turns and would probably be fighting to keep up, though I think I could just about do it.

However that will be a good goal for this school year - end the year really and properly swimming in the slowest real lane rather than the remedial lane!

(I am slightly joking, I think that with a moderately different configuration of people attending the workout I would potentially be in a 'real' lane already - but you know what I'm saying...)

Deathly crowded small-child swim program in the time slot beforehand, it was rather overwhelming! Some stretching to warm up, and then an hour in the pool.

300 free (should have been 600, but that is what the fast swimmers have time for only, we were late getting in because of child exodus issues!)

4 x 150 free on 3:30

9 x 100 IM on 2:30

First three regular IM order, second three medley relay order (I am not sure I have swum that before - it killed me! - in the best way - I cannot believe how hard it is to swim fly as the third stroke of 4!), last three reverse IM order. I was not quite holding the interval by the end - the middle three were just tiring, I took an extra twenty seconds after the last of those for recovery! - but I was surprised how close I could come to it, especially given that I haven't been swimming much stroke and I was also doing dolphin instead of whip kick on all the breast.

200 free all out (3:49, maybe?)

150 swim down

2150 yards total


Wendy said...


Medley relay order puts the two short axis strokes one after the other, and oddly they are also the two that starve one most for oxygen!

ShirleyPerly said...

I cannot believe how hard it is to swim fly, period :-)

Nice work!

Culture Vulture said...

Swimming in lanes is always rubbish.
I prefer a free-for-all.
Even when its crowded like here: