Sunday, September 14, 2008

Sunday irk

Well, it is entirely my own fault that I have not had a real/good run just now!

Hamstring continues to get better, even the prudent coach cleared me for 8 miles today and it should have been fine - only I left it for mid-afternoon, by which point it was in fact nearing ninety degrees and with 70+% humidity. Very evilly sunny, too; truly more along Florida/Cayman-type lines than the usual New York mid-September weather.

I am an idiot for not taking the forecast more thoroughly into account - I am going to a play and dinner this evening with my grandfather, so I couldn't leave it any later, and I thought I had better do my work first (which I did, so at least that's something!) and run later.

After a couple miles, anyway (and my flat hamstring-favoring route is for the most part in direct sunlight), I realized that even with a bit of breeze off the river, I was pretty much already in insane overheated mode. I changed course and headed back up north and over to the gym on 106th St. - but the trouble was, I had already pretty much lethally overheated by the time I got there....

I eked out one more mile on the treadmill, at a very easy jogging pace, but the sweat was pouring off me in a way that unpleasantly made it feel as though someone was actually pouring a jug of water down the back of my neck!

So for the last thirty-some minutes, I switched to the ARC trainer, which also happens to be in a part of the room that is more generously affected by the meager efforts of the window-unit air-conditioners...

I am not having undue self-reproach. This was sort of just one of those things, there is nothing to be done about it now - I will do my Tuesday run first thing in the morning and just sort of desperately hope for a good one, my running morale is at fairly low ebb! Hamstring still rather stiff and a bit sore, Given what a good swim I had yesterday, I must pretty much just say that week 8 of marathon training has been a bust and hope that week 9 turns out significantly better.

80 minutes cardio (4 miles run plus ARC)

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Wendy said...

Well, you certainly made the best of it!