Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Tuesday swim

That was a great, great workout - I was working like a maniac to keep up, I was swimming at the back of the lane with 2 guys who are rather faster (it's not so much the swimming itself as the turns, it's fatal, and I'm still only doing dolphin rather than whip kick with my breaststroke), I loved it.

(I am laughing at myself, because it is ridiculous - but really my favorite thing is working very hard, it is what I most enjoy! But I have sort of overdone it on the work work these last few years, so it is better for my health right now to save the insane hard work for the workouts rather than the job, so that I don't have total mental overload!)

Warmup: 3 x 100 as 50 free, 25 back, 25 breast (no time for more - 5 x was assignment, but only works for faster lanes)

10 x 100 alternating IM and free (I cannot tell you the interval, I had no attention to spare and could not hear the initial explanation, I was working too hard to keep up, I basically got no rest! We sort of were going on 2:10, is that possible? Must have been longer for the IM, though...)

6 x 150 on 3:00 with 1 length kick moving through each spot in the rotation (25 kick 125 swim, 25 swim 25 kick 100 swim, etc. etc.)

5 x 50 on 1:10 as fly-free, back-free, breast-free, free, free

It was utterly delightful!

I feel that my fly is actually fairly strong, and my back is fully acceptable also, though of course both strokes have great room for further improvement; it's the turns and the breaststroke that make me lose ground and have to work so hard on the rest of it....

2450 yards total

I don't think I can go to another TANY workout until next Tuesday, unfortunately; but this was inspiring!

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Wendy said...

There's nothing like a real swim practice! Glad you enjoyed it.