Wednesday, August 31, 2016


Hahahaha, may have SLIGHTLY overdone it given that I still need to do proper run later!  Rode bike down to Chelsea Piers for a lovely session with Josh, at the end of which my legs were trembling with fatigue but I did make myself get out for run #99 (:15 at a gait and speed that probably resembled walking more than jogging!).  Then refueled and rode bike home. Thinking about going back to bed now - slept very poorly due to cats pestering me for attention!

Main squat work set: 4 x 10 @ 65, working on technique.  Did a deadlift set with bands over the bar (we now have real deadlift platforms!) concentrating on pushing chest up initially before surging up with the bar - would have been 4 x 10 but we split the second 2 tens into 5s as my back was very tight.  Ended with 3 x 20 goblet squats with 12-pound kettlebell.

1hr bike
1hr lower body
:15 run

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