Monday, August 1, 2016


Very happy to be back in normal life!  Minor complaint: week mostly away from computer/desk really relieved my normal right-side back soreness/tightness, but a tweak on the lower left-hand side has emerged and is really twinging uncomfortably - I noticed it in the last few days at Disney, and it was definitely an issue during my workout today such that I curtailed the circuit and called it a day. Advil and heat pad tonight I think....

Heavy singles!  I felt slight remorse (but not really) about having done my long run earlier.  Got in a good one at 251 and figured that was the place to stop.  Circuit was notionally 6 x (RT farmer's walk, 10 x medicine-ball slam, 10 x goblet squat, 10 weighted lunges) but I only did twice through.  Twingey!

1hr lower body
1hr bike

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