Monday, September 24, 2007

Monday morning miscellany

Felt pretty sick still when I got up this morning: lungs a bit better, but faintly queasy (cough syrup hangover?). Almost canceled the PT appointment, but am glad I didn't.

Half an hour on the trainer first! That was good, it is not as long as I'd wanted (couldn't sleep till after 2 last night, so 6:45 wakeup had to be reconsidered when the hour came) but a perfectly good approximation. Miscellaneous thoughts:

(1) Must look at the instructions for the bike computer that I printed from the company website, I was getting speed but not cadence.

(2) This is going to be very good for practicing and building fitness. Did some clipping in and out, of course it's different in the world (as it were) but definitely will be good.

(3) Goodness, that is sweaty work! I can see I really will need to get a HUGE fan (I knew I would, but this kind of brought it home), and also one of the off-puttingly named sweat nets (alternate name is not better, bike thong--though I still think that muscle milk is the name that makes me most horrifyingly shudder, I do not like milk in any case), and also a proper mat, I'm using the yoga mat for now but its dimensions are incorrect. Will Amazon all this immediately...

Had to do a super-light workout instead of a regular one due to illness, but it was still well worth it. Good for my morale; got the blood flowing...

(Not good to let mood depend so intensively on exercise, but what can you do?)

It really was only about 60% effort and quantity of what we usually do! More rest, lighter weights, easier things. Not very sweat-inducing. Usually for instance we would only perhaps use one or two of the leg machines amidst other more challenging stuff, but we did a lot of that, and various other pretty easy things. Let's see, what will we call it (often I am not really paying attention to the weights, not sure I will remember everything in any case):

3 x 15 each of leg press, leg curl, leg extension
3 x 25 alternating reverse fly and front raise (5lb--baby-sized!) on stability ball
3 x 25 alternating the two different calf raises (feet parallel, feet pigeon-toed) with 12lb dumbbell
3 x 15 shoulder press with another exercise whose name I do not know (sort of bringing arms together in the middle), alternating with 3 x 25 bicep curl (8lb only--arghh, these are all so light!)
3 x 60-second plank
3 x 25 hip adduction and abduction
3 x 15 alternating triceps extension and (not sure what to call it) longer version with arms held in front and then coming all the way down on the cable machine
3 x 15 back extension alternating with 3 x 25 on each side (obliques/transverse)

I was thinking very wistfully at the end of the delightfully evil exercise I want to do next week when I am feeling myself again, pushups with kickbacks--that is a challenging exercise. Usually we would have used a lot fewer machines, done a lot more intense ab work (this is M.'s specialty--these evil exercises that give you demonically strong core muscles, I love 'em)--more squats (I don't do lunges because they make my left knee feel unstable/painful, just not worth it), pushups and chest press-type stuff, with evil little interludes of jumping rope and a little running in place (I associate this with boxers?) where you lift your knees up very high towards your chest...

However really I am sick today and this was an appropriately easy workout.

Testimony to the fact that I'm still pretty out of it: I did remember to put together the shower stuff, felt very pleased with myself, but about halfway over (when turning back would have made me very late) I realized that while I had brought shampoo and towel and various toiletries, I had completely forgotten to bring any clean clothes to change into. So I remain unshowered, not sure quite what to do about this--probably I will go over to the CU gym once I've graded an acceptable number of papers, only everything is very strange round here today because the president of Iran is speaking on campus and all the normal entrances are on high security alert...

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