Wednesday, September 26, 2007

Wednesday yoga

CU yoga started up again today. Mmmm, I love that yoga...

It's a very stringent and meticulous intermediate Iyengar class, pretty much identical to what they do here. A teacher I haven't had before: excellent, very experienced. A small group of students. It's going to be great.

It's six or so weeks since the last CU yoga I went to; usually I find time to go the Chelsea classes at least a couple times during the break between sessions, but this time I was too busy. Even though I work out a lot otherwise, I really notice the down time--that yoga is intense on the muscles, much more than regular gym-type working out.

On the other hand, I think this spell of no yoga and slightly less running (and no speedwork) has been extremely beneficial for my stress-fracture-area muscles. I didn't feel any discomfort in that left hip area, which was still an issue in early August; and I've noticed this last week or two of running that it really hasn't been stiff or tight to speak of. Nice to see some improvement there.

I have a strong and slightly irrational conviction that I should not do any speedwork till February or March, but just concentrate on very smooth easy distance running, good form and running economy and just now and again some strides or hills to keep the legs moving quickly. It's definitely been great doing more swimming, and the intense sets in the pool provide psychic compensation for the lack of fast running.

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