Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Schedule for next week and a half

Just a provisional one, not a permanent pattern, since the CU morning swim goes on hiatus for a couple weeks from 9/28 and comes back on a slightly different schedule:

Wed. am: CU swim plus run 4

Thurs. run 5

Fri. am: CU swim

Sat. am: run 12; pm: swimming lesson

Sun. SOMETHING BICYCLE-RELATED - whatever I can face...

(if I get the trainer working, I'll do 2-3 bike sessions over the next week or so, nothing intense, just to get the feel for it--would be good if I could do one long one, though)

Mon. am: PT; pm: John Jay swim

Tues. am: CU swim; pm: run 6

Wed. am: CU swim; pm: yoga (mmmm, I like that yoga, I've missed it during the break)

Thurs. run 5

Fri. am: CU swim (last of summer session)

Sat. 45-mile MS fundraising bike ride in Philadelphia

Sun. run 6 in Philadelphia with my brother - that is, if not completely knackered

Then it's taper week for the Grete's Great Gallop half-marathon on Oct. 6. Good thing swimming's on hiatus. I'll go to Monday-night swimming, run 5 on Tuesday, yoga Wednesday, run 5 on Thursday (no trainer appointment that week I think, and I might as well wait another week on the cycling since it's been so long already), then perhaps just an easy swim on Thursday or Friday evening for mental health and muscle-loosening purposes, and race Saturday morning. Plus a swimming lesson in the afternoon...

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Great work.