Sunday, September 30, 2007

Weekend run

Just did a very easy four miles, around 9:50 average pace. (Thinking strongly of going too fast the other day, making every effort to stay easy.) Beautiful weather this evening, sunny and mid-60s; in a way it's actually tempting to run faster when it's horrible and hot and humid, to get it over with, and I was also just feeling very rushed the other day, because of needing to get the train to Philadelphia. This evening felt distinctly more relaxed for every reason.

I've missed the longer run I would/should have had this weekend minus bike adventure, but I think it's OK. A little worried about getting in enough of a taper this week. I don't think I tapered enough for the half at the beginning of August (though as I look at my little book, it doesn't seem like too much exercise--you know what it was, frankly, PMS the whole week, and the terrible sleep that accompanies it, plus a lot of work-related stress); my legs never felt rested, and just before the race I remember feeling really just weary and nervous and with a high heart-rate already... Let us try not to have that happen this time.

(This one doesn't start till 8:45, whereas the other was 7 with a 6:15 deadline for entering corrals, so this will be a lot more manageable.)

Exercise plan for the week:

Mon.: am PT; pm John Jay swim. Tues.: 7pm run 5 mi. easy with training partners. Wed.: yoga. Thurs.: run 4 mi. easy. Fri. off or light swim. (Note to self: better just take the day off.) Sat.: am half-marathon; pm swim lesson.

(I. says we will work on backstroke this week to spare my legs post-run!)

It will be a pity if I don't practice swimming this week before the lesson, but on the other hand breaststroke is exactly what I don't need to do in a taper week before a big run. And also my evening schedule is very tight with one thing and another, mostly work-related. There kind of isn't any time I'm going to be able to swim--maybe I should just say Monday night swimming is it for this week. Arghh! I like swimming, I don't want to not swim this week! But I guess it will be for the best...

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Unknown said...

Backstroke! (My least favorite. I'll be interested to see how you enjoy it.)