Thursday, December 13, 2007

Bike #16

Bike #16 of 30, 40 mins., 490 mins. total.

I couldn't do my run this afternoon. Classic wintry mix situation, just about freezing point and unhappily alternating between hail, snow, sleet and rain; it was so slippery that I almost went flying a couple times just during the couple blocks between office and home. I will hope the ground underfoot is clearer in the morning, I will try again then--I do not mind other horrible weather aspects, fairly stoical I think, but slippery makes me too cautious for it to be sensible, I do not really want to fall over...

I am contemplating going to the Friday morning swim workout tomorrow, but it partly depends what time I get to sleep tonight. I really, really need to catch up on some hours of that stuff, but I am already slightly anxious thinking about the pool being closed over Xmas for two weeks. I can go up and swim at Riverbank a few times, but I'm traveling quite a bit also and I know it will be awkward. Hmmm...driving myself perhaps a bit hard, better be sensible, it is not a moral defeat if I do not get up at 5:15 tomorrow morning to swim!

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Unknown said...

Not a moral defeat in the slightest!