Tuesday, December 4, 2007

Run - with cats!

(No bike this morning, which means I am two behind. It was unavoidable--the extra forty minutes of sleep weren't exactly enough, but they were necessary. Mood: self-reproachful but moderately resigned.)

A great run with S. this evening in the park. As I often have occasion to say, that fellow is just a fast runner! 6.1 miles, 8:41 average pace (and a farfetched 4:57 max pace!). Unfortunately my HR strap was for some reason not transmitting, I didn't realize until too late to do anything about it--high effort level, very enjoyable...

Mile splits: 9:17, 8:45, 8:16, 8:25, 8:46, 8:18. Lots of lap-end pace in the 7s rather than the 8s, though of course it's usually because it's downhill. I think it's worth trying for 8:15 pace in the 10K, there's a good chance I can do it--S. is aiming for sub-50:00, that is not currently feasible for me on this course!

S.'s lovely wife H. served us a delicious home-cooked meal afterwards, a rare treat for me frankly, and has also obliged me by sending pictures of their devastatingly attractive cats--these cats are just ravishingly good-looking, it is quite amazing!

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Unknown said...

Glad it was such a good run!

(It almost looks like those cats are watching a Yorkie run on TV!!)