Monday, December 17, 2007


I had a sudden glimmer of reason around five o'clock--the details are not worth going into, but it was clearly time for emergency triage fitness decisions! I have a huge amount still to do this week, I need my wits about me, and that means trying to get some sleep. I reluctantly wrote off Monday-night swimming, which eats a three-hour chunk out of the evening and ensures I do not go to sleep until 1:45am at the earliest. About 2 minutes later I realized I should also write off Tuesday-morning swimming, since it means getting up at 5:15am and I think the sleep will be of more benefit than even the most magically good workout. I need to run in the morning anyway, I cannot blow three fruitful early-morning hours on exercise tomorrow by squeezing in some insane swim-bike-run sequence, I need to calm down!

So that cleared things up.

I went to the office and had useful meetings till 7:30, got home around 7:45--just when I'd usually be starting swimming at John Jay--and found an e-mail saying that Monday-night swimming was canceled! Yes!

Then I went back to the office (symptom of lack of sleep: forgetting things!), and then I went for a nice quiet half-hour of contemplative swimming in the quiet exam-period's-not-hellishly-crowded-any-more evening CU pool slot. Nice! I did miscellaneous lengths of this and that, all very leisurely, including a bunch of IM hundreds. I can't remember when I just went and swam in a relaxing way, it was very pleasant (only in non-exam period that pool is never relaxing during the evening hours, so it was a rare treat due to other reasons than simply compulsive behavior on my part). Now I am going to eat dinner and go to sleep, after perhaps doing a couple more tiny little work things that I must take care of tonight...


Unknown said...

Moments of clarity can clearly save sanity!

Brent Buckner said...

Strikes me as a better plan
(not just saying that for sake of urbanity)