Sunday, December 9, 2007

Week's schedule

Mon. am: 30 min. bike plus PT; pm: swim
Tues. am: swim plus 30 min. gym bike; pm: run 6 in Central Park with S.
Wed. am: 30 min. bike plus PT
Thurs. am: swim plus 30 min. gym bike; pm: run 5 easy in Riverside Park
Fri.: 1 hr. bike
Sat.: pm: swim lesson, unspecified bike
Sun.: am: run 8 easy in Central Park; pm: 1 hr. bike

I need to make the move from just doing token time on the bike to doing actual workouts, but it's not going to happen this week...

(I am not doing the indoor triathlon next Sunday because it turned out to be the best/only day for me to take a young cat-lover of my acquaintance to the Moscow Cats Theatre, which really takes precedence for obvious reasons!)

The rest of December and January are going to require flexibility. I'll have very little swimming for the last two weeks of the month due to pool closures and travel (must make sure to get in at least a couple swims somewhere each week though, for sanity as well as to maintain fitness/feel), but a lot of swimming in January. I'll keep running regularly, and will make sure to run more often when I'm travelling and can't do anything else. I will make bike workouts a priority again once the new semester starts on Jan. 21, but I've got the slight wrinkle that my editor wants the revised book manuscript by the end of January if possible (that will just about let it exist in bound copies in time for next December's MLA convention). I'm certainly going to do my damnedest to make that deadline, but mid-February may be a bit more realistic (and it has to be done by then, because after that I've got an unrelenting string of other important deadlines--goodness, it will be a huge relief to have this book off my hands...).

So I think that for every reason this next eight weeks or so needs to be a "swim as much as possible, keep up running fitness for an enjoyable and injury-free half-marathon on Jan. 27, do regular strength workouts and some biking but don't go crazy about maniacal training plans" spell...


Spokane Al said...

An MLA Convention! Who would of thunk?

Unknown said...

Cats!!!!!! (Again, I focus on the salient details!!)