Wednesday, December 19, 2007

To my deep regret

the last shreds of 30-in-30 near-miss workout series are slipping through my fingers--I didn't bike yesterday, I will not bike today, I am full of self-reproach!

I am making an exercise schedule for the next two weeks to cheer myself up (but work and family obligations are pressing, I must stay flexible, it is bad for the soul to be internally grumbling about missed exercise when more important things are happening, I should write myself a stern note to this effect!):

Thurs. 12/20: 6am swim, 30 min. gym bike; fun run in Doug Stern's memory in the evening (prob. around 6 miles?)
Fri. 12/21: 6am swim, 30 min. gym bike
Sat. 12/22: run 10 (no swimming lesson, I. couldn't get pool access, alas--last week's was the last one...)
Sun. 12/23: 60 mins. bike
Mon. 12/24: 30 mins. bike plus some kind of core workout at home, swim @ Riverbank as reward if all grading is finished/grades submitted and if pool there is open
Tues. 12/25: run 5 early am, then to Philadelphia
Wed. 12/26: day off (Philadelphia)
Thurs. 12/27: 10am gym workout with M., run 5
Fri. 12/28, Sat. 12/29: Chicago (swim Fri. pm and Sat. early am in hotel pool)
Sun. 12/30: run 10, poss. 30-40 mins. bike in evening
Mon. 12/31-Wed. 1/2: South Carolina to stay with the family of a friend of mine who died around this time last year (will run once if I can, but I'm home by mid-morning on the 2nd, will get back on track then if I've lost the thread--run 5-6 miles in the afternoon I think)
Thurs. 1/3: 6am swim, 8am gym workout with M.
Fri. 1/4: run 5 early
Sat. 1/5: bike or swim?
Sun. 1/6: run 12

And then on Monday 1/7 I am going to visit Brent in the Cayman Islands, a trip that will include truly unprecedented amounts of swimming of one kind and another, it is going to be the nicest thing! Quite a bit of running too, I imagine, plus a dramatically large amount of work on my academic book manuscript...

[ED. A firm afterthought: all this is in aid of mental and physical health, and as soon as a workout obligation starts to create stress or make life worse rather than better I must skip it, this is perhaps not a good principle in general but I've got a lot of stuff on these next couple weeks and I cannot be filled with self-reproach every time I miss a workout! A couple days off will potentially be for the greater good, especially if it means more sleep...]


Unknown said...

Good plan. And you're absolutely right ... working out shouldn't add stress to your life right now.

Brent Buckner said...

Maybe your visit will shift you to "island time"

Anonymous said...

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