Friday, December 21, 2007

Friday swim and bike #20

Not quite at the ecstatic levels of yesterday morning's swim, but certainly very pleasant.

Warmup: 300 swim, 200 kick, 200 pull.

Main set: 4 x 125 IM with extra length of back; 10 x 25 non-free stroke, 1 kick - 2 drill - 4 fast - 2 drill - 1 kick; 4 x 125 free; 5 x 50 as finger-drag down and stroke-distance i.e. low stroke count back, 6-3-6 (kick 6 on side, three strokes, kick six on other side), fast, 6-3-6, finger-drag/stroke-distance.

Then I did 100 IM and 100 easy free and got out, only to realize that of course the last set of 50s was 10 x 50 rather than 5 x 50 (2 of each), only I spaced out on it. (Really the workout had two times the whole main set, only these "canned" workouts are for a longer time slot than we have, it is not because I am a slow swimmer that I only went through once. ED. To clarify, I am a slow swimmer, but that's not the main reason there's no time to do it twice!)

This is ludicrous, but the main thing I had become distracted by and that took my mind off the task at hand was wondering about the rationale for having 125s instead of 100s. Is it just to shake everyone out of their comfort with a standard rest interval? Or is there some other benefit I do not know about?!?

Bike #20, 30 mins., 600 mins. total.


Becca said...

This is completely counter to other things I've been saying, but being very aware of the date, I see that you have reached bike #20 and it's only the 21st, so couldn't the 30/30 be theoretically feasible? Or did you start before the first of the month?

Jenny Davidson said...

(I have answered Becca in a longer e-mail off-blog, but the short answer is that I started on Nov. 25 because I wanted to get it finished before Xmas!)