Tuesday, December 25, 2007

Holiday run

Bit of a disaster area round here the last couple days--no exercise whatsoever, I had to switch into emergency end-of-semester grading mode, which is not a pretty sight! Submitted the last of 'em just before 2am last night, slept for not enough hours, then headed out first thing this morning for a short run. It was a beautiful morning for it, once the sun came up--I didn't even need gloves...

4 mi., 10:10 pace, avg HR 148. (Tiredness.) Then I did 3 x 15 pushups, and now I must hop into the shower and be out the door within fifteen minutes, or else I definitely will not have time to get coffee at the station before getting on the train to Philadelphia, and this would be a minor tragedy.

(Ran out of milk yesterday evening and sort of tactically/lazily didn't go out to replace it, mostly just because the cup of coffee and the morning run were clearly mutually exclusive time-wise, that was the cup of coffee that would have made me late!)

I am resolved to do more pushups in 2008, I only do them with M. at the gym but I like them so much, they are a terribly economical exercise in every sense of the word. I should do 15 mins. of pushups, planks and one or two other core things every time I do a bike trainer ride at home.

All right, now I really must tear myself away from the computer. Merry Xmas!

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Brent Buckner said...

Merry belated Xmas.

Currently in Tampa airport well in advance of departure time. Wifi is our friend!