Thursday, December 13, 2007

Heavenly Thursday morning swim

Just heavenly.

(And the men's swim team practice didn't start till 7:30, since classes are over now, so we got a bit of extra pool time--I wish I had known in advance--if I had gotten up forty minutes earlier, eaten proper breakfast and done a couple crucial work things, I could have stayed for the whole rest of the set, ARGHHH! Tantalizing...)

Warmup: 3 x 350 (25 fly, 3 x 75 fly-back-breast kick, 100 free--or something like this anyway, it's slightly lost to me now, a couple of the 75s were perhaps something else!)

Main set, which was a thing of great conceptual and practical beauty:

4 x 350, moving through IM order

25 kick stroke, 50 drill stroke, 50 swim stroke, 3 x 75 free

And the fourth set is 25 fly, 50 back, 50 breast, then the 75s of free.

(In theory each successive set of 75s free would be done on a slightly tighter interval, so that the first three might be on 1:35 and the final ones on 1:20 or whatver, but I must say that I entirely forgot about this and only remembered at the end...)

I loved this set, and I was able to do all of it in more or less OK time, it was exciting...

I was swimming down with a couple lengths of back (which is my new favorite stroke now that I actually understand how to do it more or less properly), it was after seven already, and then it turned out there was a delightful further part to the workout, only as I say I could not stay for all of it. I did 3 x 100 IM - the whole set (very characterically structured, I just love the way this guy thinks about swimming!) would have been 12 x 100, with the first three all IM, then 2 IM and 1 free, then 1 IM and 2 free, then last three all free.

All I want to do is swim, all the time!

And drink coffee, which I am now going to do...

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Unknown said...

Swim and drink coffee. Is there a better way to live?? I think not!

(She says, off to make another cup.)