Saturday, December 15, 2007

Swimming lesson

It was a divinely good one, too. Mostly backstroke work, then some miscellaneous other stuff. Some amazing backstroke drills--my favorite was a particularly evil one-armed drill that involved holding the other arm perfectly perpendicular in the air--a length on each side (hmm, I am strongly right-handed, not so bad when I'm stroking with that side but when I'm holding that one in the air and stroking with the left arm only I really do feel like I'm going to drown, it was just as I. promised!) and then after two breathless almost-drown-y lengths straight into two lengths of real proper backstroke and they were certainly the best lengths of it I have swum, quite lovely. Some sprint IM lengths at the end, very enjoyable too.

I've just been out for almost twelve hours straight, which does not suit me, acquitting myself of enjoyable and important but rather tiring family-and-friend obligations, and I must say--remorsefully but sensibly--that there is no point doing a bike workout now. I am knackered. I will eat something nutritious, read something frivolous and try and get to sleep by midnight.

Slated to do an eight-mile run at nine tomorrow in Central Park, but the forecast is fairly dire--will have to wait and see if it's slippery or not, hard to say if it will be OK. I will be very sorry if I cannot do it, I am out all day again later and will not be able to squeeze it in if it doesn't happen in the morning. And Monday's impossible, and Tuesday's not ideal, and in fact I had better not think about this now or I certainly will not be able to go to sleep, maybe the weather won't be so bad in the morning anyway!

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Unknown said...

Yeah, well, in my book any backstroke drill qualifies as Evil! ;-)

Glad you enjoyed it, though!