Wednesday, June 5, 2013

Bike laps!

I still pretty much hate the ride over to the park (a horrible obstacle course of buses, trucks, taxis, roadwork, etc.), but it was absolutely lovely once I was there. Ridiculously perfect weather - high 60s, low humidity, sunny and clear. In general I find running has far more entries in the credit column than cycling does, but it must be chalked up to cycling that you don't get nearly as hot and sweaty doing it.

Determined to ride as much as possible this summer - these are just easy miles, but all miles are good. Will go to NJ tomorrow to do a hard 3-hour ride - I'm shooting to get out there twice a week when possible (one long ride, one hill workout), but this week it will just be once.

18.09mi, 1:12:12 (15.0mph)
avg HR 127 (that's too low, but there are a lot of downhills and places where you need to slow for pedestrians!), max HR 148

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